Jan 4, 2012

The Best Things In Life Are (Almost) Free

I've bought Miss Tasha a crap-ton of toys, thanks in part to my coworkers giving me a $40 Petco giftcard for Christmas. Tasha loves anything with feathers, but what she REALLY loves are my pony tail holders. Plain, boring, and very cheap. We fling them across the linolam floor downstairs and she pounces on them. It's pretty amusing to see her slide across the floor at top speed.

She also loves those feather cat chaser toys and we hadn't seen her really leap and jump until we bought one. For being a large, clunky Maine Coon, Tasha can sure get some air! I'm still trying to get a picture of her mid-leap.

She also loves her cat tunnel. At first she was deathly afraid of it and gave us a look like, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing?!", but know it's one of her favorite hiding places.