Jan 4, 2012

Giving Back

One of the many great things about having Tasha in my life is it's really made me aware of the plight of other stray/neglected/abused animals. I know we've all seen the cringe-inducing ASPCA commercials with the miserable looking dogs and cats looking incredibly sad while Sarah What's-Her-Name's song plays in the background. I find it hard to watch those ads, but their message is valid.

Most shelters are not-for-profit and rely solely on donations and volunteers. While I can't afford to constantly donate money, I can donate my time. I decided to sign up to be a volunteer at my local humane society. My orientation class is on January 23rd and I'm super excited! Mike is convinced I'm going to want to adopt every cat there (and he's probably right). Can't wait to play with all those new kitties!


  1. This probably doesn't make me look so good, but I find those ads more difficult to watch than the ones about starving children.

  2. Jeff- Me, too! One of the starving children ads came on last night and Mike told me he can watch those and not feel a thing, but the animal ones he cringes at. Does this make us good people or bad people?!