Jan 21, 2012

The Great Kitty Litter Debate

Meditation Room Litter Box VS. Pimped Out Litter Box

Old pic before the pellets were in there!

I decided to conduct my own kitty litter experiment. When Tasha first came to live with us, she used a large, hooded litter box. Then, I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to pimp out a Rubbermaid container so that she would have a super-ginormous litter box to poop in till her hearts content. She took to it right away and all was right in the world.

Both of the litter boxes had clumping, non-scented clay litter in them. When I thought Tasha was going to get spayed (not knowing she was already spayed), I switched her to using Yesterday's News pelleted litter because it isn't dusty like clay litter and it's supposed to be better post surgery (there's no dust to get in the stitches and infect them...yuck). Miss Tasha transitioned to using the new litter effortlessly and all was good.

THEN, I got ANOTHER wild hair up my ass, and the day before the faux-spaying, I got her old litter box out of the garage, took the hood off it, and put it upstairs (we live in a split-level house and spend equal amounts of time on both levels). My thought process was that I didn't want my sweet baby to have to strain herself post-surgery by having to go downstairs... yep, I know, Tasha leads a VERY rough life.

Fast forward to Tasha NOT having to be spayed because she already had been. At that point, I should have just taken down the litter box upstairs and left the huge, pimped out one, but NOOO. I wanted to see which litter (and which box) Tasha preferred more. So I left the pellets in the pimp box downstairs and put her old clumpable clay in the smaller box upstairs. And you know what? She likes the smaller box upstairs! Litter Miss Thang likes her clumpable litter. It's going on four days since she's even used the pellets. Well, she's peed in them, but she hasn't pooped in them. Okay, I'm not even 100% sure she peed in them cause it's really hard to tell with pellets, but it looks like she's been in there.

Now, there are some factors that may be swaying the favor of the upstairs box besides that fact that it has the clay litter. For starters, it's colder than a witch's titty downstairs right now, so we've been spending more time upstairs. Maybe she just doesn't want to poop too far away from all the action. She also may prefer the fact that the upstairs box does not have a lid on it. If I REALLY wanted to conduct a fair experiment, I would completely switch the boxes and bring the pimp box upstairs to see if she'd use it. But I'm not going to:)

So now I have myself in quite the quandary...the box upstairs is in my "meditation room" (which I haven't used to meditate in in about two months), but the fact remains that now when I do go to use it, I'm going to be inhaling whiffs of kitty ass! I guess overcoming the smell of cat shit will be my true test of enlightenment.

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