Jan 16, 2012

It's Spay Day!

Okay, so technically, it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but since Miss Tasha is getting her girlie parts cut out today, it will forever be known to me as Spay Day. And I'll be honest, I was a freaking wreck this morning. Probably didn't help my anxiety levels that I googled "spaying cats" last night and read about each and every little thing that can go wrong during and after surgery.

For instance, did you know that your cat can't eat at least 12 hrs before the surgery or she may aspirate on her own vomit while knocked out on anesthetic? Or that some anaesthesia can cause renal kidney failure after surgery and your cat will be dead in a couple of days? The good news is that these things are extremely rare, and Tasha is at very good animal hospital and our vet is uber-experienced.

I also didn't realize that my vet keeps the animals overnight, so I dropped my little baby off at 7:30a.m. and won't be able to pick her up tomorrow after 8a.m. Again, I know that she's in good hands and it's probably better for her that she's observed at the hospital to make sure she's okay, but I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY not crazy about her spending the night there. I know she'll be scared and lonely and I don't want her to think I've abandoned her.

I started bawling as soon as I walked out the vet's office and continued to cry for about an hour straight before I pulled myself together. Tasha was more of a trooper than I was. She got right in her carrier without any fuss and didn't cry or whine on the way to the vets. In fact, she was distracted by another cat she saw in the office so she barely said good-bye to me. Maybe this will be like a little adventure for her! The office will call me around 2:00p.m. today to let me know how everything went and I will be on pins and needles till then. Maybe I should have had the vet slip me some tranquilizers for my nerves while I was there:)

UPDATE: Just as I was finishing up this post and getting ready to publish it, the vet called. It seems little Miss Tasha was already spayed!!! When they shaved her belly they could see the previous surgical scar. They went ahead and microchiped her while she was under, but I can pick her up in a couple of hours. Yay!!!!


  1. I'm totally embarrassed for you that you cried...

  2. I don't think crying because you care about the health and welfare of your pet is anything to be embarassed about at all. And I didn't cry AT the vets (though I'm sure they've had many people who have), I cried when I got home.