Jan 19, 2012

Pet Food Safety

As horrible as it is to think about, the pet food that you trust to make your pets healthy can have a recall at any given time. The recalls don't necessarily affect ALL the pet food that a brand makes; it may just affect one type of food or even just one batch. Just to be on the safe side, it's always a good idea to save the UPC scan code and the batch code for the food you are using just in case your pet starts to experience any health related problems that can be attributed to that particular food.

That way, you can immediately contact the company, either through their website, email, or 1-800 number and you can provide them with the exact batch code they need. Since I put Tasha's food in a plastic container, I've started to cut out the UPC code and batch code and tape it directly to the container. ALWAYS check the expiration date of the food as well, BEFORE you purchase it to make sure it's still good. If you are buying very large quantities of food and transferring them to a separate container, it would also be a good idea to write down the expiration date on the plastic container just in case.

The U.S Food & Drug Administration updates their website on a regular basis on all cat and dog food recalls in the U.S. There are a TON of brands listed on it, so it would probably be a great thing to double check it on a regular basis to make sure your pets food is not on the list.

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