Jan 18, 2012

Pet Insurance

I signed Tasha up for insurance a couple of weeks after we brought her home. Yes, I have pet insurance for my kitty. And while I think I could actually hear Mike's eyes rolling when I told him I had done it, I successfully argued a great point. As one vet stated on his website, if you found out tomorrow that your pet needed to have a $2,000 surgery and you can easily afford it, then you don't need insurance. However, how many of us have a few extra grand to throw around?

I got pet insurance in case (God forbid) Tasha would have a major medical problem to deal with. I can afford the little office visits, but it's the unexpected things that I don't want to catch me off guard. Nor do I want to have to make the gut-wrenching decision to either treat Tasha or have her put down, simply because I don't have the money to pay for the expenses. Now, if it's a quality of life issue and she would truly be better off being humanly euthanized, then I am not going to keep her alive just so I can selfishly have her around.

But in many cases, there are medical procedures that would extend or enhance the quality of life of a pet, but sadly, their owners can't afford it and didn't have insurance to help cover the expenses. And since Tasha's breed is prone to hip dysplasia, I knew I needed to have a great plan in case we should have to do any treatments for that.

I would suggest shopping around online. I received quotes from three different companies and chose the one I felt was most affordable and covered what I needed. I went with VPI who also happen to be the oldest pet insurance company in the United States. They promptly sent me a packet for Tasha, I can manage her account online, and I can use any vet I want. Awesome! Plus, she gets her own little health insurance card which is just too freaking adorable:)

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