Jan 4, 2012

Pimp My Litter Box

While I would like to think that Tasha is the perfect kitty, I sadly have to face the fact that she does have some flaws. Shocking, I know. Tasha has had no problems using her litter box from the first day we brought her home. But... last week I came home from work and she'd left a Hershey's kiss on the carpet. Okay, I thought, that was just a freak accident. Then, the next day, I saw what I thought was a raisin on one of our armchairs. Oh, wait, we don't have any raisins in the house. Oh, shit.

So, I freaked out and started googling litter box issues. Did you know the clinical term is "improper elimination?" Neither did I. Problem number one is that I'd only been cleaning it once a day. I thought that was the appropriate amount of cleaning, but most vets recommend two-three times per day. Then, I read that I should have at least 3 inches of litter in her box and I only had about an inch. Finally, though I thought her box was large enough for her, since we believe she is a Maine Coon (and those cats get freaking HUGE), I decided she needed a bigger box.

So, basically, I was the worst cat owner ever who didn't know crap about cat's crap. I researched and found out that many cat owners, especially those with large breeds take matters into their own hands and customize large storage containers to use as their litter box. I got right on it, bought a 30 gallon Rubbermaid container, used cheetah print duct tape to pimp it out and the final result was this:

I'm not the world's craftiest person, so the fact that I was even able to accomplish this is impressive to me. You can see my beloved Litter Locker next to it:) Drawback to a box this big is that it takes a shit-ton of litter... 30 lbs to be exact. I used enough to achieve a 3-inch depth and yes, my OCD self did stick a ruler in there to measure it:)

Tasha loves her new litter box. In fact, when I first put it up and filled it, it was a little too clean because she climbed in and just sat in it like it was a cat cave:) Cleaning it hasn't been too hard, either. I keep the sides wiped down with Clorox Green Works wipes (inside and out) and there is no litter odor. A win for Tasha and a win for me!

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