Jan 14, 2012

The Streak

"Oh no, Tasha has an itchy butt." Those were the infamous words spoken by Mike a couple of days ago. Although I didn't know what he meant by that, I would soon find out. Miss Tasha took her morning poo a bit later than usual that day (usually she dumps around 9a.m, but on this particular morning it was closer to 11a.m. Yes, I'm aware it's freaky that I know what time my cat takes her shit).

All of a sudden, Tasha came scooting in on her ass from the other room and proceeded to drag her poopy ass ALL OVER the white carpet. Can we say train tracks? Oy vey. She finally backed herself into a corner underneath a table while I screamed at Mike to get some towels to lay down. I could clearly see shit by her anus, but couldn't tell if it was stuck in her booty or if it was just in her fur.

Tasha was frantically licking herself and right when I got close enough to access the poop situation, she darted off upstairs. Oh hell, I thought, our bedroom door is open, as well as the guest bedroom.... which has a satin creamed-colored comforter on it. NOOOO!!!!!!

As this point, Mike is frantically throwing towels down at the carpet and has missed that fact that Tasha had ran upstairs. I went sprinting after her and discovered that she was, in fact, in the guest room, but she was on the floor (thank God) still trying to clean herself.

I knew what I had to do. I moistened some paper towels and had Mike hold her down so I could take a look at the troubled area. To my extreme relief, the poo was not stuck IN her but ON her. She's mattered the poo into her fur so badly, I couldn't get it out. So, I had no choice but to grab some scissors and cut the shitty piece out. Tasha was NOT loving this process, but was semi-okay about the whole thing.

Once the poo was out, Mike went to town on the carpet using the Bissel steamer, while I scrubbed the crap (ha!) off of the tile in the next room. Tasha was embarrassed and wouldn't look at us for a couple of hours, but all was good once we played catch with her beloved pony tail holders. Geesh, what a mother won't do for her child:)

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