Jan 4, 2012

The Transformation Begins...

I'm 33 yrs old and up until a month ago I had never owned (or been owned by) a cat. My parents are not huge animal lovers and my mom always said she didn't want a cat "peeing all over her house."

So I grew up thinking that cats piss anywhere and everywhere they please despite having a litter box available to them. Still, something about the little fur balls always intrigued me. Throughout my twenties, I lived in apartments that had a strict "no pets allowed" policy. So my dreams of owning a little kitty of my very own where squashed until early December of 2011.

My boyfriend, Mike, and I had moved into a house together in May and had been discussing getting a pet. The great dog vs. cat debate loomed in our house, as Mike REALLY wanted (and still does want) a dog. But, fate would come into play right around Thanksgiving and bring my sweet Tasha into our lives.

Mike's parents live in the country right outside DeKalb, IL and they noticed a cute little gray kitten had wondered onto their property a few days before Thanksgiving. Little Tasha was so hungry she was trying to get birdseed out of their feeder. They left some food out for her and within a couple of days, Tasha had the courage to come up to the house and come inside.

Since Mike's parents already have two older male cats (who weren't too thrilled with sharing their home with the new kid on the block), they knew they couldn't keep her. Mike's mother put up Tasha's picture on Facebook asking if anyone would like to have her and I immediately knew that was my kitty.

Within a couple of days, Mike and I made the hour and a half drive to his parents to meet Miss Tasha. It was love at first site! She was extremely social and let us hold her right away. On the car ride home, she just chilled and didn't make one peep.

She acclimated to our house right away and we've been having so much fun with our new family member. I'm already thinking about adding to our brood in the Spring so Tasha can have a brother or sister to play with when we're at work. Yep, it's happened... my descent into crazy cat lady territory has begun.

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