Mar 4, 2012

Meet Tasha, The Former Barn Kitty

I think anyone who's ever taken in a stray cat wonders how it was that they came to be a stray in the first place. And I am no exception. I have been wondering ever since we got Miss Tasha what her back story would be like. I theorized that some heartless individual dumped her in the middle of the country and she found her way onto Mike's parents property. I worried that her former owners mistreated her, but mostly I just hoped that she had come from a good home.

Mike's mom, Karen, texted Mike today to say that they found out that Tasha was a former barn kitty, along with her brothers, of one of their neighbors. Tasha (formerly Annabelle...don't even get me started on that name) ran away, found her way to Mike's parents house across the road and the rest is history. Apparently, her former owners are happy she found a loving home.

I have a very hard time picturing my little princess running around a dirty barn, but she is quite the chaser of ponytail holders, so I can see where her hunting instincts came from. I think Tasha very much prefers being a spoiled indoor cat who now eats Fancy Feast instead of mice. I also like the fact that this is her first real home and we are the first real parents (owners) she's had:)

And another interesting fact we learned about Miss Tasha from our new (and much better) vet...she's actually closer to being a year and a half to two years old, not under a year like our previous (sucky) vet thought. Oh how my little girl is growing up so fast!!

UPDATE: Tasha's former owner confirmed that she was 9 months old when she ran away, making her around 13 months old now:)


  1. It's funny cause I just became Crazy Cat Dude and was about to start my own cat blog since Nicky won't let me do any more cat posts at weworkforcheese.


    P.S. Glad you're back, albeit in cat form!

  2. Thanks Mike! Glad to hear you're a crazy cat dude:)