Sep 29, 2012

I'm happy to report that we have cracked the bedroom door twice now when all the kitties are eating and Tasha did not freak out!!!  She just seems really curious about them, like she wants to play.  I think we are well on our way to having one big happy cat family:)

In other news, Bear and Zayn had to make a trip back to the vet on Monday because both had been sneezing profusely over the weekend, especially Bear.  So now they are both on a twice daily dose of Clavomox (?), which has to be given with food.  Its kind of a pain because we have to give them their wet food, wait for them to eat, then each kitty gets a different dose (based on their weight) of the medicine which we have to squirt in a syringe down their throats.  Fun!  This will continue for 14 days.  At least its not as bad as the time we had to give Tasha eye drops in both eyes twice a day, but it still sucks. 

Zayn stopped sneezing immediately upon getting the medicine, but poor Bear is still sneezing away.  I've now started to give him L-lysine, too, hoping that it will boost his little immune system:(  I'm also thinking he may have allergies and not a URI after all.  He has to go back to the vet anyway in a couple of weeks for his last round of booster shots, so if he's not better by then, I'll have her check him out.

And speaking of Mr. Bear, he had a bit of an adventure today.  I went into their room to let them out to play and couldn't find Bear.  He wasn't under the dresser or the bed and I began to panic.  All of the sudden, Mike and I hear a sneeze coming from the bed.  Mike got down to investigate and we discovered that Bear was IN THE BED.  He had chewed and clawed a hole in the box springs and couldn't get out.  So, we cut him out, then took the bed off of the frame and it's now sitting flat against the floor.  Never a dull moment when you're living with three cats!!!

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