Jan 5, 2012

But, I want to PLAAAAYYY!!!

So little Miss Tasha is around 9 months old now according to our vet's estimate, which still makes her (kind of) a kitten. And like all good kittens, girlfriend likes to play. And play. And play. ALL THE TIME. Oh, excuse me, she does sleep half the day, so when she's not napping, she wants to play.

We weren't really using this room for anything anyway:)

I was able to turn half of our downstairs into Tasha's "cat area". Mind you, Mike is embarrassed that I actually dedicated an entire area of the house to our cat, but I told him it's perfectly normal because I saw other cat owners online who had done the same thing. And if somethings online, then it's TOTALLY legit, right?

These used to be Halloween decorations. Now they hold Tasha's toys and treats.

So here's the problem...even though Mike and I collectively spend about 1-2 hrs playing with her (and we're talking solid, awesome, running around and wearing Tasha out kind of play), she still pounces on me at 3 a.m. wanting to play. Notice I said she pounces on ME. Only when she started doing it to Mike did he get annoyed and thought we actually needed to do something about it:)

Tasha loves to chase my pony tail holders and slide across the floor to pounce on them!

We feed her right before we go to bed AND we leave dry food out for her to nibble on, so I know she's not waking us up because she's hungry. I think she gets lonely during the night. So what should we do about this?! Last night we shut our bedroom door so she couldn't get in, but I felt bad about doing that. I mean, I don't want my little Tasha Belle scared and lonely at night:( Should we get another kitty to keep her company? Is this just a phase that she'll grow out of? I'm exhausted! HELP!

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