Jan 10, 2012

Yesterday's News

Miss Tasha is getting spayed on Monday, January 16th. I'm terrified she's going to die. I know this is probably a bit irrational as this is a very common procedure and it's being done by our vet, but I'm morbidly convinced she's not going to wake up. Anyway, Mr. Vet gave us no guidelines to go on other than Tasha can't eat after midnight the night before the operation. So, I went to my favorite cat forum site, Catster, and was reading up about the recovery period.

Little did I know, she can't use her usual clumpable clay litter because it can cause infections where the stitches are placed. Instead, most cat owners recommended using a Purina litter called Yesterday's News. It's pellets made from recycled newspapers and it has no odor or dust. I'm all about the no dust thing, as the litter I'm using now looks like a Kansas dust storm while I'm scooping up her poops and pee. I even have to stop mid-way through cause it's too hard to breath it all in. Now, imagine what all those chemicals are probably doing to mine AND Tasha's lungs!

In order to transition her to the new litter by her surgery date, I started adding the new litter to her box tonight. It's now about half-clay and half-pellets. I'm VERY curious as to how she's going to react because, frankly, the pellets look like All-Bran cereal:) Hopefully, she won't mind them and fully convert so we can get away from the dust-bowel and give our lungs a break.

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