Sep 25, 2012

Big Mamma's House

Well, we did it.  Mike and I went crazy and adopted two sweet little guys last week to complete our kitty family.  Bear & Zayn were adopted from our local Humane Society on September 19th and even though they were not litter mates (and had actually never been around each other before) they get along wonderfully.  They sleep in the same bed, groom each other, and even eat off the same plate.  I've never had kittens before (Tasha was almost a year old when we got her) so I had no idea how much ENERGY they have.  WOW!  They love chasing each other around and wrestling.  We let them out of the guest room several times a day so they can work off all their kitty energy while Tasha is kept in the lower level of the house.  They have yet to come face to face with their older sister but soon enough they will learn they are living in Big Mama's House.

Not only is Tasha literally double their weight (she's now a hefty 12 lbs), but she has ATTITUDE to match.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I LOVE my sweet Tasha Butt and she loves all people, but... I'm kind of scared she's going to beat up the kittens.

The first day we brought them home she hissed & bitched & yowled at the guest bedroom door where we have base camp set up for them.  So, I promptly went to Petco and bought Feliway Spray and Calming Cat Treats and basically drugged her up.  It worked!  She stopped hissing at the door after that and just remained curious about what was inside the room.  Oh, she also threw up for two days after that, but now she seems somewhat calm and there hasn't been anymore kitty puke, so I think we are over a major hurdle.

I'm following my cat guru, Jackson Galaxy's advice on how to introduce a new cat into the home and we are taking it SLOW.  I've done smell swapping & site swapping, but my stomach hurts when I think about cracking the bedroom door to let Tasha see Bear & Zayn.  I know she's going to freak out, but I also can't keep them separated forever.  We're going to have to do it soon because I don't like living in a segregated household.  I just hope the boys are ready for Big Tasha.

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