Oct 3, 2012

Two Sick Kitties

I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news is, Bear is sneezing less and even though when he does sneeze he sprays a disgusting amount of snot everywhere, the vet seems to think he's on the road to recovery.  She said the fact that he is sneezing less is a good sign and he may just have a lot of congestion that is working it's way out.  Yuck.

The bad news is that Zayn now has an eye infection in addition to his Upper Respiratory Infection.  Seriously, how does a cat that is already on antibiotics get a freaking eye infection?!  So now poor Zayn has to have eye ointment put in his infected eye twice a day IN ADDITION to the medication he's already getting squirted down his throat twice a day for his URI.  Jesus Christ, I feel like Florance Freaking Nightingale!  Anyone have any sick cats you'd like to bring over so I can give them their meds?  I'm an expert at it now!
In The Waiting Room...

I'm already having Viet Nam-esque flashbacks from the time we had to give Tasha eye drops twice a day last winter.  Mike and I STILL have claw mark scars on us.  At least Zayn is smaller and less bitchy than Tasha so it should go somewhat smoothly.  I'm too scared to tell the vet that Zayn's poops are  a bit loose for fear I would have to anally inject medication up his bung hole, too.  It's like, how many ways can I scar this cat for life by forcing meds into every orifice of his body?  If Zayn still snuggles with me after all this, it will be a freaking miracle.

So now, we're delaying Tasha full-on meeting them until they are all better (which the vet said could take up to a month) because I cannot afford a third sick cat.  BUT, for the past few nights, we've fed them with the door cracked and Tasha hasn't blinked an eye.  Thank goodness for small favors!  I am anxious to get the kitties well so that we can FINALLY integrate our little cat family.

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